What is Perka?

Perka is a smart loyalty program that helps small merchants and their regular customers support one another. Our unique system gives customers the satisfaction of being recognized with increasing tiers of "perks," and in turn provides real, meaningful intelligence to merchants.

Perka is based in Portland, Oregon, and New York City.

In The Media

CEO, Alan Chung

Alan is a serial entrepreneur with twenty years’ experience creating software service companies.

Alan was formerly the CEO of Zenbe, an email suite that reinvented web-based email. Zenbe Mail was acquired by Facebook in 2010. Zenbe also produced a successful task list app, Zenbe Lists, which was one of the first 50 apps in the App Store, and remains one of the most popular productivity apps for iOS.

Prior to Zenbe, Alan founded and led iAmaze to develop cutting edge AJAX web applications, before the term "AJAX" even existed. iAmaze was acquired by AOL in 2000.

Before that, Alan co-founded Lighthouse Design, and spent seven years leading that company's engineering development of innovative personal productivity application software. In 1996, Lighthouse was acquired by Sun Microsystems, where he spent the next three years on senior staff as a lead engineer in the Java Software division.

Alan has dual degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.  

Founding Partners

Robert Bethge  
Rob Coury  
Jay Harlow —Head of Design  
Joe Stelmach —Chief Technology Officer