Say hello to smart loyalty.

Perka puts your business right in your customers’ pockets. Reward your regular customers, create incentives to bring back new ones, and increase traffic during slow periods.

Turn occasional customers into loyal fans.

  • tiers

    Give your customers incentives that go beyond the occasional freebie. With Perka, customers earn better perks and increased status as they visit more frequently—a great reason to buy more and visit often.

  • validator

    Perka identifies each customer by name and status, so your staff can make everyone feel at home. And private customer feedback lets you address complaints before they become public.

  • facebook

    Special offers let you reach out to your customers, with great deals that’ll bring them back to your store—and spread the word to friends and family.

  • vip

    Perka helps you distinguish your most valuable customers from the rest of the pack—and offer them exclusive perks, special offers, and extra-personalized treatment.

Stay connected to customers, anywhere they are.

Designed to work for anyone. Tailored to fit you.

  • tailor

    Every Perka program is made to order. When you sign up, a Perka specialist will help you design a program tailored to your individual business needs and goals. It’s your program, powered by Perka.

  • phones

    Virtually all your customers can participate in your Perka program. Have a smartphone? Download our free iPhone® or Android app. And on other phones, Perka works seamlessly over text (SMS). That means none of your customers are left out, and you get the most out of your program.

  • nerd

    It’s a snap to get started with Perka. Log in from any web browser, or the Merchant Validator app on your iPad® or iPod Touch®. Or if you need one, we’ll include an iPod in your starter kit.

  • perka

    We’ll send you a promotional kit to get your customers excited about your Perka program, with customized in-store promotional materials, ready-made buttons for your website and Facebook page, and lots more.

Stay on top of things with the dashboard.

  • stats

    Get the big picture with smart visualizations.

    Simple, straightforward statistics show you instantly how your Perka program is doing.

    See how many customers are participating, how many are coming back, how many points have been given out, and which perks are the most popular.

  • customers

    Dig into individual transaction data.

    Quickly sort and view transactions by customer, time of day, specific program, or location to get a detailed picture of your program.

    Or download the raw data and analyze it further in your favorite spreadsheet app.

  • specials

    Create and manage
    specials in real-time.

    Perka makes it easy to create a special offer and send it right to your customers’ phones. Engage customers anytime, whether you want to pick up a slow day, clear out excess inventory, or boost your Facebook likes.

    And Perka keeps track for you, so it’s easy to see what’s working and repeat it with a few clicks.

  • feedback

    Improve with private customer feedback.

    Perka gives your customers a way to share feedback privately after every transaction, so you can fine-tune your service without the whole world hearing about an off-day.

  • profile

    Share your program
    with the world.

    Your public Perka profile makes it easy for current customers to learn about your program and for potential customers to discover your business. Increase your exposure with ready-made buttons to drop into your website or Facebook page.

Get ahead of the competition.

  • Level the playing field

    Perka empowers your business to run virtually the same mobile marketing programs as major brands. Stand out from the local competition, while keeping pace with industry leaders.

  • Reward real sales, not “visits”

    Unlike check-in programs that let customers record their own visits, Perka only counts real, verified sales. Every transaction is validated by your staff, so you’re only rewarding the customers that really matter.

  • Fast, friendly and straightforward

    Forget fiddling with QR codes and other complicated check-in methods. Customers simply introduce themselves by name, so your cashiers deliver great service—without slowing down the line.

  • Works for every customer,
    on every phone

    Not every customer has a smartphone, but that doesn’t mean they’re not important to your business. Perka works on older phones via text message (SMS) in addition to iPhone and Android devices. That means all of your customers can participate.

  • Flat fee, no contract

    Perka starts at low monthly fee, and all of our plans are flat monthly or annual fees, with no contract required. If Perka’s not working for you, you’re free to cancel any time—though we don’t think you will. See our pricing